June Taylor Design
June Taylor Design


Create a campaign to promote the Student Art Pass for Art Fund: a charity for museums and galleries across Britain. The primary message is to get students off of social media and to visit a museum or gallery as a way to open their mind, get rid of mind-blocks and de-stress.


I developed a design that focused on the concept of digital vs. real life, to show a comparison between viewing something on screen and seeing it with your own eyes. To show this within a poster, I created vector illustrations that represented the digital version of a portrait painting, originally inspired by emoji’s. I used four recognisable portrait paintings based within the U.K. and covered their faces. To make this campaign more exciting, I made each element interactive: you can pull the digital faces from the posters to reveal a hidden message and the real face of the painting. For social media, every post has an element of interaction, whether it be to swipe along to see a hidden image, or to press down to reveal. This makes the overall campaign more memorable and fun for the student target market.



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