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June Taylor Design


Create a brief and conceptual design on any chosen topic for a final major project.


The idea behind this is simply, when we consume too much of one thing, it can have a negative effect on our physical and emotional health. To discuss this, I used the concept the Seven Deadly Sins to allow a format that is relatable, as the concept of sinning has been consistently characterised through the media.
Each sin reflects on a separate issue found in today’s society, such as over-consuming alcohol, eating fast food too often or even the social media craze of “clean-eating”. To tie this information together, the idea of punishment for sinning is used to portray the consequences of over-consumption, shown in a varying typographic layout.
The format used is an A5 perfect bound book, as it is of a similar size to the standard Bible. This is also an efficient size to keep stored at home so that it can be re-read when needed. The cover of the Bible is typically a black leather with gold letter foiling. To reflect on this holy book in a modern way, I used GF Smith’s Plike paper, which has a rubber-like texture. A clear toner effect was used on the cover heading to have a greasy-look, which can be seen when moved in and out of light, reflecting on the message of “whoever conceals their sin does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy”, which is stated on the first page.
The content has been re-written by myself but originally came from digital journals. In regards to imagery content, I did not want the food and drink discussed to be appealing because I wanted to discourage the target market from taking part in these unhealthy habits. Therefore, I turned simple images of food into graphic shapes, which is shown at the start of each chapter and reflects on the number of sin discussed. To simplify, this is a modern take on the traditional Bible, reflecting on issues found in today’s society.


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