June Taylor Design
June Taylor Design


Create an infographic on the topic of your choice.


This project is the most intense that I have done, but the finished outcome is one of my favourites. I needed to research to discover if topics were even suitable, as if there were not enough levels of in-depth information, then the poster would not hold itself.

I went with the idea of lifespan: each country has a different length of life on average. What factors cause these differentiations? Which countries have the highest and lowest lifespan?

I took twenty countries that were across the range from highest to lowest. From investigation, it was discovered that the three top causes of shortened lifespan are: obesity, smoking and pollution. I researched into these three causes and discovered more information to add to my design.

I went with two simplistic Earth vectors that would be covered in icons that represent each countries levels of smoking, obesity and pollution. This allowed a simple method to make a comparison of data. At the bottom of the poster are three diagrams that discuss details of each of the three causes researched. This area also includes creative infographics that represent factual information.

The colours are used as a key to represent each cause and link all data together, therefore the remainder of the poster is very simple and clean-looking.


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