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June Taylor Design

Welsh Lady Preserves


Welsh Lady is an upmarket preserves company looking to refresh their branding and packaging. It needs to represent not only Wales, but also the traditional and historical ways of this company. This is a student project and this brief was non-commercial, created by my course.

Create two label designs for “lemon curd” and “strawberry jam”, along with a set of stationery that reflects the updated branding, plus signage and a van design.


To represent Wales, inspiration came from the beautiful countryside, and so the logo is a graphic of rolling hills. This shows the history of the company to customers who are unfamiliar with the brand. It gives it a more modern clean look, while still maintaining the traditional style, as the countryside is traditional in itself. The type pushes that graphic edge further, by using a laid back script font for “Lady”. To bring in the traditional side of this company, two paintings are used in each label design: one of two Welsh lady in traditional costume, and one of the countryside. These photos match the overall colour scheme of the jars, reflecting on the flavour of the product. To clarify the use of the imagery, the jars have tags with a string tie around the lid. Each has the photograph used within the design, and on the reverse side, an explanation of the painting. This adds a touch of luxuriousness and gives the jars more of a shelf impact.





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