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June Taylor Design

A Review on Moo

I have never printed my own business cards, and — with an exhibition coming up — I thought there is no better time than the present. I decided to use moo.com because their prices were good and they had a few exciting options to give your design something extra.

I wanted my business cards to be clean crisp white, with a hint of colour (this is a theme across my entire branding, like the hover colour on my buttons of my home page). I went with a hint of orange around the border, which was made by sandwiching orange card in-between both sides of my design.

When my design arrived, I was shocked at how upmarket and sleek Moo packaging was.


moo.com tear drop logo with silver foil

The box has two magnets to clasp it gracefully together.

The packaging works as a holder for your business cards and looks professional enough for you to keep it on your desk. The orange is very subtle but truly packs-a-punch.

Here is how it looks with my design:

I am very happy with the quality of both the business cards and the packaging that this company offers and I would highly recommend them.

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