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June Taylor Design

Current Project Inspiration

I am currently working on my final major project, on the topic of Autism. My goal is to create a product that can change someone’s life.

While researching this topic, I came across an advert created by the National Autistic Society, to show how heightened sensitivity affects the daily lives of people with Autism – specifically an Autistic child.

As you can see, it is filmed from the boys eyes. Normal things for myself and others to see/hear  – Photo Booth flashes, shop alarms, bags rustling – can be overwhelming for Autistic people. The reason I find it so inspiring is that it is visually communicating his emotions and senses, where every sound and sight is heightened, but then at the end you view how every other shopper sees the situation: a young boy having a “tantrum” in a shopping centre. Everything is quiet and normalised. The contrasting comparison is what makes this advert so powerful.

I am finding the research part of this project super informative and interesting, but also overwhelming, as it is definitely not a simple topic. I am currently working on concept ideas, but in a few months I will update you by uploading my finished project.

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