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June Taylor Design

December Design Inspiration

Hello! So sorry I have been gone for so long. I ended my third year of studies and began my final year, therefore you can imagine my stress level right now. Anyway, I am back again and I thought I would return with another design inspiration post.

This month I have been admiring and appreciating the art of illustration. I have always told myself that I cannot draw, therefore I have always turned away from viewing illustrative design when researching for inspiration, but I have now started working on my final major project and I want to expand my research and potentially dabble a touch into this art form.

I discovered Olivia Whitworth a while ago, on ohhdeer or a similar quirky stationery website. I think that her work is daintily beautiful, it shows so much personality. She has made it to my bookmark section of Safari (don’t judge the choice of internet browser) because of the work she has done for Betty Magazine. She created a series of headers and lettering by hand for their 2015 annual. I have a tendency to overcomplicate my designs, but this work proves that simplicity is key for a beautiful, powerful piece. Hand lettering is becoming a vital skill within the graphic design industry, and these letterforms are inspiring me to take a class and gain the skill set. See for yourself below.

All images belong to Olivia Whitworth. Taken from http://liviwhit.com/betty-magazine-typography

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