June Taylor Design
June Taylor Design

Gin Packaging

Being at the end of my third year of my degree, I often feel creatively blocked while working on my last two projects. Sometimes, you just need something to catch your eye and inspire you, to get your creativity flowing again.

I was visiting family (please excuse the backgrounds of the photos you are about to see – they were unpacking their food shop. I picked a bad time) and I spotted these tiny little glass bottles on a table.

Right now, I am designing upmarket, high end but traditional preserve packaging and branding. This is the gin version of Welsh Lady (the company I am re-branding): Modern logo, scripted font for flavours, colour coordinated, traditional illustrations, beautiful upmarket colour scheme. This packaging has perfected the balance of modern and traditional. It inspired me with how I can incorporate both styles into my own designs. I absolutely love this — it’s a shame I don’t love gin.

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