June Taylor Design
June Taylor Design

November Design Inspiration

I discovered Iris Scott through a social media art group that I am a part of. She is an artist that has revolutionised the skill and craft of fine art, by using her fingers to replicate brush strokes. Now, whenever you hear finger painting, you automatically think of a messy toddler, but take a look at some of her work…




It is utterly breathtaking. Iris uses oil paint to create texture and a sense of fluidity to her works. This has become an art movement, if you like, as she has inspired many artists to give up the brush and create work with an organic vibrance.

I have such a love and respect for artists of fine art and realistic detailed paintings, as the skill and time and energy and thought and care put into every piece is astounding.

All images taken from Google and the Iris Scott Fine Art website: http://www.irisscottfineart.com

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