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Now is Already too Late: Jerome Karsenti

I came across Jerome Karsenti while I was browsing an Instagram page dedicated to contemporary art. I went onto his own page and thought his work was so elegant and charming. From reading some of his website,  — http://www.jeromekarsenti.com — I began to have a greater understanding of the visual ideas behind his art work:

“What i’m interested in, is not the movement of the idea, from its plan to its realisation, but the concordance of every single and singular gesture – which, however thought through, carries its debt to the arbitrary; not to the plan, not to its prior design, but the to intuition of things and their immanent organisation, and of their profound coherence. It is in this sense that i am, is truly an architect, but in a world which had yet to know the title, and in which every worker carries the whole cathedral by himself. The question of architecture has stayed with me: the problem of the foundation, the connection to the ground, the balance which allows the structure to hold. The medieval meaning also: the humility of the worker, the work of the organ builder, the stones, their dimensions, their carving, and a profound knowledge of materials.”

His entire collection of art shown on his page is outstanding, but one of his more simple designs takes the win for my favourite.

These acrylic paintings are part of a collection called “serpentins”. Sadly, he does not have a description to explain his inspiration behind this creation, but perhaps he wishes for you to interpret it in your own way. When I googled this word, it automatically changed it to “serpentine”, which refers to snake. This could mean that he sees the movement of his brush strokes as fluid as a snake moving. I really enjoy artwork that brings in texture through the stroke of a brush because I find the arrangement of colour it allows fascinating.

““Now is already too late” as I like to say: only the brush ever has a chance of following things in their most intimate movements.”

All images are taken from jeromekarsenti.com

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