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June Taylor Design

Peace of Mind through Art

I have recently fallen back into the wonderful habit of visiting art galleries on a regular basis. There is something so utterly peaceful about wandering an architecturally-astounding building that has walls covered in art from ceiling to floor. Even when there’s school trips going on, just get some rain sounds going through those headphones and relax. I went today and because of this, I have been extremely productive yet calm all day.

The closest to where I stay is Kelvingrove Art Gallery, so it’s my regular. I always spend the most time in the Realism section, with the Scottish landscape paintings (excuse my ignorant lack of knowledge on artistic language). Some of my favourite artists shown within this area are Jacob More, John Knox, Joseph Denovan Adam and Horatio McCulloch. I get lost in their work.

“Morning”, 1785, Jacob More

One of my favourite pieces.


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